Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How to Turn the Corner On AIDS

An excerpt from an article in the Washington Post by Jim Kim:

November 23, 2005

A new U.N. report shows that the global AIDS epidemic has beencutting a broad and destructive path, causing 3 million deathsin the past year alone, or 60,000 a week. Nearly half of the 40million people living with HIV-AIDS are women, and more than 2million are children. Infection rates are rising in nearly everyregion of the world.

Why, then, in the face of numbers such as these, are some publichealth officials, myself included, optimistic that the epidemiccan be stopped? Because there is a growing body of evidence thatpublic health approaches such as pairing HIV treatment and pre-vention and strengthening health care delivery systems in poorcountries can help not only slow HIV-AIDS but also make long-needed breakthroughs in reducing the impact of diseases such asmalaria and tuberculosis that enslave the developing world.

Read more online on the Washington Post site.

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