Monday, July 17, 2006

Program Highlights: Sikh Giving & Aapna Punjab

The following are two organizations dedicated to alleviating the burden of substance abuse in Punjab, (in addition to other issues such as poverty and social injustice that are impacting the region). Please take a look and support the cause.

Sikh Giving :

The SikhGiving will be taking up the project of tackling the drug menace in Punjab. The Sikh Giving sewadars noticed the huge problem of drugs on their recent visit to the villages in Amritsar district. The youth could be seen moving about fully drugged and out of their senses. A young boy, well dressed, was riding a motorcycle and hitting it against a brick wall time and again, while another was walking unstable in the middle of the road. A person from the village told that this is a common sight in almost every village. It was a painful experience to be on the land of the Gurus and look at the youth spoiling their own life and that of their families. So, it was decided that a project against drugs should be taken up in Amritsar and its surrounding villages. First week, SikhGiving team will investigate/survey specific areas of Punjab regarding the use of drugs by the youth. By the end of the first week, we will have the plan and asrea to target before we launch the official Drug Awareness booth campaign. For global Sangat, We will submit the report and the current situation of Drug abuse in Punjab.


Aapna Punjab:

Aapna Punjab, a non-governmental organization (NGO), is committed to the socio-economic development of rural backward areas of Punjab via the following initiatives:

English-medium schools
Welfare centers for women
Fight against Drugs & AIDS
Charity Hospitals
Computer courses/training
Human-Rights/Social Justice

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