Sunday, September 10, 2006

Paddling for Social Awareness

Ludhiana, August 17

Mr Makhan Singh Faryad is on a long odyssey to create social awareness against female foeticide, drug addiction and dowry. He began his journey on his bicycle on March 6 this year and has already covered over one thousand villages in Majha and Doaba region. Now he is moving around on his bicycle in the Malwa belt.

Mr Makhan Singh belongs to Ajnala. He has three sons and a daughter. His wife is a teacher. He said, he was feeling quite concerned about the ills in society. One fine morning he thought of moving to all corners of the state.

On an average Mr Makhan Singh paddles 70 km a day. He said, wherever he went, he got good response. In the villages, he meets the head or the sarpanch. People gather around him to listen to what he has to say.

He said, “I am quite overwhelmed by the response I am getting from the people.” He disclosed that he was being encouraged by the police and the civil administration officials also. He said, they have acknowledged his mission which is of paramount importance in the prevailing situation in the state.

Mr Makhan Singh hopes to return home after a year. However, he remains in regular touch with his family through the telephone. He will return home only after completing his mission.

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