Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Show Me Campaign

I went to see John Legend the other day (great concert!) where he profiled a campaign he is involved with in Africa whose mission it is to fight economic and spiritual poverty through fostering sustainable development. This is from his site:

Normally I travel to locations around the world to perform, but I came to Ghana to learn after being inspired by the book The End of Poverty by Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs. What I loved about the book is that is appealed to both my practical and compassionate sides. It also convinced me that extreme poverty could be eradicated in our lifetime by a surprisingly realistic amount of money.

He goes onto say that:

Hundreds of thousands of kids in Africa die from Malaria, which is preventable with a $10 bed net and curable with a $2 medicine dosage. That same $10 can fertilize an entire farm and dramatically increase its crop yield for a year.

So not only does John Legend have a soulful voice. He has a soul.

I have to mention that I am also reading Jeffrey Sachs' book The End of Poverty and would really recommend it to anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of strategies for economic development around the world. It's not only a goal that we can reach, but it's also something that can be sustained.

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