Saturday, November 24, 2007

Punjab: The Enemy Within

The enemy has crept into every village, town and city of Punjab and is destroying the energetic and enterprising Punjabis. Drugs are like an unbreached river which are flooding Punjab. Name the drug and it is avaliable here." - Reema Anand
A new documentary titled, "Punjab: The Enemy Within," was recently screened in Chandigarh to a group of community leaders. The documentary, directed by Reema Anand who has brought us His Sacred Burden: The Life of Bhagat Puran Singh and Sewa: From Paris to Tapovan, brings forth the urgency of the drug abuse problem rampant in Panjab. In the documentary, Anand discusses the impact of terrorism on the state of Panjab and the subsequent reliance upon drugs being trafficked throughout the area.

By now we're all well aware of the presence of drugs and prevalence of drug addiction that exists within Panjab. While there are theories and research behind this, it is clear that a solution needs to be reached through a collaborative effort. Through the creation of this documentary, it looks like Anand has begun to take the productive steps to help bring awareness to this problem.
"The Punjabis struggled hard and fought the terrorists to put Punjab back on the world map, but now they are up against a enemy within."

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Please note that the documentary has been produced and directed by Reema Anand and not Reena, as mentioned erroneously.

Simran Kaur said...

Thank you for the clarification. A change has been made.