Monday, January 14, 2008

Student Internship: Eliminate Health Disparities

I received this email announcement from a listserv I subscribe to and thought it was a great opportunity to share. The University of Michigan School of Public Health is accepting applications for a dynamic internship program for undergraduates who are committed to eliminating health disparities.
Simply stated, health disparities mean that, in the U.S., people of color and the poor experience lower health status than Caucasians and higher-income Americans. These disparities represent inequalities in that people of color and low-income people should be able to enjoy the same health status as whites and more affluent Americans, but they are systematically exposed to conditions and situations that have negative consequences for their health.
Here's some more information:
These internships are part of the University of Michigan's Summer Enrichment Program in Health Management and Policy (SEP)...The SEP encourages undergraduates (current second and third-year students) to consider health management and policy as an attractive career option through which they can address health disparities in communities of color. Students work in hospitals, health departments, health centers, community-based organizations and other health agencies in Southeastern Michigan during the 8-week program (June 3, 2008-August 1, 2008). They also attend seminars on health disparities, visit a variety of health institutions and agencies, meet with leaders in the health field and complete the Princeton Review GRE Preparation Course. Students accepted by the program receive paid housing, a food allowance, and travel expenses to and from Ann Arbor, in addition to a $3000 stipend. The ultimate goal is to increase participation of students committed to eliminating health disparities in public health graduate programs.
This sounds like a really wonderful opportunity with actual hands-on public health experience (often hard to come by). Please refer to the website for application instructions and let me know if you decide to apply!

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