Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Healthy Youth, Healthy Punjab

As a reaction to the increasingly high rates of drug abuse, the Punjab government is working to set up a Youth Development Board to tackle issues related to drug abuse. Students at Punjab University will become advocates to help steer their peers away from using drugs. Launching the campaign against drugs under the aegis of the Students Organisation of India (SOI), the message of “No Drugs” would be launched all over the state and would reach out to every school and college of Punjab.
[The] future of Punjab would be bright only if our youngsters will be healthy... big industrial units are being set up in Punjab to provide maximum employment to our youth... in order to provide higher computerized education to our rural youth, institutions are being set up at village level. It will provide special opportunities of education to rural girls.
The goal is to spread this program from school to school and village to village and by doing so, empowering youth to take an active role in tackling the issue of drug abuse.
For this purpose two vans have been specially prepared which will travel in every nock and corner of state to organize against drugs. Documentaries against drugs will be organized and psychiatrist will deliver lectures to enlighten people against the ill effect of drugs. Apart from drugs... a special helpline has been created on which any person can contact SOI cadets on phone or at e-mail these cadets will help him to get medical and psychological help from concerned drug de-addiction centre.

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