Monday, March 16, 2009

Roads Less Traveled

Humanitourism. Have you heard about it before? Humanitourism is a new catchphrase - a variant on the voluntourism experience. Various organizations are now catering humaitourist trips to those craving adventure and experiences on foreign shores and who don't want to feel guilty about it. It's a new (I guess more trendy?) thing to do - a new wave of philanthropy of sorts.
For years we’ve been dreaming of joining Relief Workers International on its medical trips through India. The work: helping doctors provide medical care to hundreds of people in several different villages. The rest: Accommodations are comfy tents in breathtaking surroundings with visits to ancient towns and old forts. The site will soon list upcoming trips; in the meantime, reading about the work is singularly inspiring.
HumaniTourism states that it
aims to develop new models of ethical global tourism by combining travel with community development, entrepreneurial education, and environmental stewardship to foster sustainable, community-based economic development while preserving cultural integrity.
Sounds like a great way to participate in social development, contribute to the local economy, and actually made a difference on a community.

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