Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dengue Outbreak in Punjab

A potential dengue outbreak looms in Ludhiana. Dengue, an infectious disease caused by a virus, can be transmitted via mosquito bites. Cases of gastroenteritis were found first among the community, followed by cases of cholera. The fear of a dengue outbreak is now of concern in the region.
"As for gastroenteritis, illegal water connections in vehras of various areas of the city inhabited mainly by migrant population are the root cause of the outbreaks. It has been taking a toll on the lives of migrant population who live in poor hygienic conditions prevailing in their surroundings," says Dr SS Dhir, district health officer... "We have filed cases against six persons in connection with illegal water connections in the vehras of Punjabi Bagh where habitants fell sick with gastro. Besides, we have constituted a 40-member team which would be responsible for creating awareness in four MC zones and will conduct house to house visits in the disease-prone areas," Dr Charanjeet said.

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