Thursday, June 07, 2007

Vanity Fair: The Africa Issue

So, two of my favorite people: Bono and Queen Rania. My dream is to meet them both (and I'm halfway there, although I didn't officially meet Bono as much as track him down at a local bookstore in Boston and get a quick hug from him before he was whisked away... but who's counting). Anyway, this is why they continue to inspire me... Bono is guest editor at Vanity Fair this summer and in celebration of his presence at the magazine and in dedication to his commitment to Africa, VF did a spread of photos of famous people who are are dedicated to causes in Africa. It's not about the pictures, although (as usual) Annie Leibovitz does an incredible job, but it's about the challenge to do better in Africa.

The Africa issue contains an interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, a piece on Jeffrey Sachs (post), a reminder of Nelson Mandela's leadership, a look at Madonna's work in Malawi and much much more. It's important to remember that these celebrities are doing some great work, but they are simply an example of the true courageous work that individuals (who aren't necessarily famous) do every single day... This issue is out this week.

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